‘It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Common Sense Defence. Kim ran a 9 week self-defence programme for women who experienced trauma and/or mental health difficulties as part of The Maya Centre’s Skills, Tools and Knowledge Sharing Community Workshops in Spring/Summer 2019.
Kim’s classes were designed specifically for women and to build both mental and pshyical strength of participants. Clients who attended self-defence classes with Kim told us that as a result of their learning they felt more secure and more confident to protect and defend themselves.
Our clients described Kim as a friendly and knowledgeable teacher who can explain and demonstrate techniques clearly. The group practised self-defence in realistic life scenarios and Kim was responding to and incorporating in classes each participant’s personal experiences. This made for powerful learning.
We would recommend Kim’s services to any organisation who take women’s safety and physical and emotional wellbeing seriously and to any woman who looks for effective self-defence techniques.’ Michalina Popiolek, on behalf of The Maya Centre

‘This is an amazing course. I learned so much from Kim and think every woman and girl should do the course. I feel so much more confident after the self-defence sessions. Kimberley is an amazing tutor.’ Carol-Ann McArdle, on behalf of St Luke’s Community Centre

I have trained with Kim for several years and found her to be a fantastic teacher, role model and generally awesome! Throughout my own karate training she was always an inspiration to train hard and excel as a woman in martial arts. She both demonstrates and teaches a real resilience, taking self-defence and personal safety to a reachable level for students, whatever their abilities. Her teaching style incorporates necessary realism but is also great fun – you will learn invaluable skills under a patient and skilled instructor.’ Bethan, 1st dan karate (thanks to karate shinboku kai for use of pic!)

‘I had the pleasure of being trained by Kim in karate for almost 5 years, over which time she took me from complete beginner – with no prior experience – to blackbelt. Throughout this time her instruction was invaluable. Her deep knowledge of martial arts, careful attention to how its techniques can be applied in real life situations, and patient mentoring meant I always felt pushed but never unsafe. Thanks to her teaching I have gained not just a blackbelt but greater self-confidence, self-discipline and a mental resilience that I can use in all situations. I would highly recommend her as a teacher for anyone looking to explore self-defence, whether as a complete beginner or at more advanced levels.’
Owen, 1st dan karate (Thanks to karate shinboku kai for use of pic!)

‘I have known Kim since I started training as a beginner in karate in 2012. As an instructor, she has always been very supportive and has encouraged me to find effective techniques for my body type. I think this is extremely important and Kim is great at helping students understand which techniques work and which are less likely to work depending on their body type and abilities.’ Michela

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