Are you looking to learn self-defence from a female instructor? You’re in the right place! At Common Sense Defence our goal is to help you become a fitter, stronger, safer, more confident, better you!

Common Sense Defence is……

a self-defence programme for all women, based on martial arts techniques. Female self-defence instructor, Kim Coates, developed the programme inspired by her 10 years experience of martial arts.

While most women’s self-defence courses are taught by male instructors, Common Sense Defence is entirely female focused. Female self-defence instructor, Kim Coates, not only understands the need to teach specific techniques for women due to their unique body mechanics, but also has the experience of what it feels like to be a woman in everyday situations where women may sometimes encounter a range of intimidating and abusive behaviours.
Self-defence for women, by women! Kim has invested years of training to understand the best way women can keep themselves safe.

What Happens in Common Sense Defence?

The sessions are relaxed and informal and will not only teach students awareness to keep themselves safe, effectively defend themselves but will also challenge the student’s thinking about their abilities and show them what they are capable of – you are never too unfit, too old, too weak, too small to learn. All techniques have been tested under intense pressure during Kim’s martial arts training.

Why Learn Self-Defence?

Why Common Sense Defence?

  • Focused on you – techniques are tailored for women (effective against a bigger, stronger person)
  • Useful – learn how to use your body to defend yourself (and use an attacker’s body against them)
  • Realistic – practical techniques and lifelike scenarios
  • Progress – your skills will develop from basic to more advanced techniques
  • Female instructor – friendly, experienced instructor, open to questions and sensitive to different backgrounds/requirements of students, aware some students may be coming to the class with trauma
  • Safe – fully insured instructor, first-aid trained, DBS checked, registered with British Combat Association

Become A Stronger, Safer You!

Common Sense Defence is a safe environment to be pushed. The lessons will show you how it feels when someone bigger is attempting to control you. You will see what works for you, as a smaller person, and learn how to get rid of a bigger attacker. Training will really show you your own strength, show what you are capable of and it is always more than you think! Our goal is to help make you a better, stronger, fitter, safer and more confident you!

Secure arm after attempted grab
(thanks to karate shinboku kai for use of pic)

Empower, Inform, Inspire!

Kim seeks to promote a positive outlook on life through sport and empowerment of women through self-defence. The ultimate goal is to empower, inform and inspire women to feel safer, to be stronger and more confident.

Defending from the ground (thanks to karate shinboku kai for use of the pic)

If you’re interested in attending a course or would like to host a course for a group of people, please visit the contact page! Private lessons are available!

We have worked with:

Kings College London

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