Kim is a registered instructor of British Combat Association and holds a 2nd dan blackbelt in karate. (Thanks to karate shinboku for use of pic)

While studying for a master’s degree at King’s College London, Kim picked up a leaflet for a martial arts inspired fitness class. The class was run by karate club, Karate Shinboku Kai, as a way to get people into karate. Kim tried a karate class and was hooked. Five years later, Kim was invited to take her shodan (blackbelt) grading and became a karate instructor at Karate Shinboku Kai.  Since then, Kim has regularly taught both karate and self-defence.

Starting out, Kim was immediately drawn to the way martial arts championed resilience, training is designed to make people stronger both physically and mentally. Karate training made Kim aware of how weak people can be, how somebody larger and stronger can be manipulated and overcome by targeting pressure points with well-timed strikes, kicks, and locks. ‘It was an instinctual attraction. It opened my eyes to something I had never been aware of, and introduced me to something I instinctively wanted to master.’ Kim also trained in judo in additional to karate, to better understand grappling, throws and ground fighting.

Common Sense Defence

 Common Sense Defence classes are focused on realistic attacks and applications; self-defence techniques, strikes, locks, grappling and ground fighting. Kim combines the ‘real’ side of karate with her judo training. Kim champions women’s innate mental and physical strength and concentrates on demonstrating techniques designed for women and mindsets that equip students to deal with what is thrown at them in training and what might be thrown at them in their own lives.

Always Learning

Kim passing 2nd dan grading, with Iain Abernethy.
(Thanks to Iain Abernethy for use of the picture!)

 The continual (and impossible) goal of self-perfection and improvement in karate-do means there’s always something to learn and practise, you will never be ‘perfect’. ‘Practice’ is the answer to any question you ask in training. ‘How can I get better at this, how can I be quicker, stronger, hit harder, how can I master my fear?’ ‘Practice!’ There is no easy way out in training and in life, it is a useful thing that karate teaches you and something Kim advocates in Common Sense Defence. There is always something new to learn; always something to strive to get better at.

Believe In Yourself

Kim’s desire to empower women came about as her own life changed through her martial arts journey. ‘ I really enjoy getting beginners to change their thinking and their self- belief that they are more able than they had thought, how to control their bodies to use their full force to defend themselves. Seeing students confidence in themselves improve and their abilities is the most rewarding part of teaching.’ Learning self-defence is empowering, informative and inspiring and Kim aims to pass this onto the women who come to the course and champions women’s natural, and sometimes untapped, abilities.

Outside of ‘Common Sense Defence’

Kim regularly attends karate training and is always striving to test and sharpen techniques. Kim holds belts in judo and practices judo when possible; she is interested in any martial art or sport that has a focus on self-defence and empowerment, particular geared toward female empowerment. 

Kim works in the voluntary sector in and is proud be part of the bigger picture, contributing to improving the community. Kim is currently in the progress of developing female self-defence courses with charities as part of their fitness/well-being programmes. If you are a charity and interested in discussing this with Kim, please get in touch at the contact page!

We have worked with:

Kings College London

Private lessons are available, please get in touch at the contact page!

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